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"O – the water app" – a fictional app that analyses water drinkability


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From a technical point of view, today potentially everything can be implemented and therefore also connected. In the future, we will increasingly connect ourselves to various "things" in the physical network and experience our living space as a sensory extension. The study project "Shared Memories" dealt with this topic. The project consisted of designing a more or less hypothetical app for smartphones that allows us to connect to an object of our choice. 


Screens after a positive water examination 

O - The Water App is the result of this task. Its purpose is to connect the water tap to the smartphone in order to test the water flowing through for impurities. To do so, it reads the data from the sensor attached to the tap and displays them in an understandable way on the smartphone. The sensor analyzes the water for bacterial and toxin contamination according to the German Drinking Water Ordinance.


<-  first ideas and scribbles that visualize the aim to connect the tap to an app 

Depending on its status ("drinkable" or "do not drink"), the color of the app varies between blue ("drinkable") and red ("do not drink"). If the analyzed water is not drinkable, the sensor also changes to red. A list of the different impurities, such as aluminium, chromium, copper, nitrate or uranium, is then displayed with their values obtained by the sensor check. That way a more precise picture of the pollutants to be expected can be generated and therefore whether the water is drinkable or not.



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